Hegre Art - Sci-Fi Cosmic Climax Massage Serena L

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This is the incredible future of sex.

This is the most intense out-of-body sexual experience you’ve ever seen. We hook her up to this powerful multi-sensory machine that’s linked to DJ decks. Wooden balls and probes then pulsate to the music, sending powerful vibrations through her body, stimulating every single nerve.

What does it feel like? It’s exhilarating.

Imagine you’re naked on the dance floor of a mega club in Ibiza. 5000 hot, sweaty bodies surround you. The music shakes the floor beneath you. A thousand bright colours flash in your eyes. And instead of just hearing the sound, you’re literally plugged into the decks so you feel the music pulsating through your whole body. Oh, and the psychedelic drugs have just kicked in.

Hundreds of hands then lift your naked body into the air, touching and stimulating you, sending you on an unstoppable journey to the biggest, most intense cosmic orgasm of your life. Can you imagine that? Well, it’s fucking better than that! Watch this.

Hegre-art Pornstar Serena L

She has the aura of a goddess.

Serena is spiritual soul. Her love of yoga inspired her to bring the spirit into the realm of the sensual.

The 23-year-old Tantric yogini and musician is a Mexican-American, now living in Hawaii. Living in this stunning location has helped her connect with Mother Nature and her own feminine spirituality.

With a raw food diet, exercise in beautiful landscapes and private meditation, this is a girl who looks after her mind, body and soul. She loves to empower people through sexual healing; using oils and touch therapy to awaken the senses. With the aura and radiance of a goddess, she has a rare feminine power that makes her totally captivating.

Intelligent and thoughtful, she likes to stretch her mind and to think about what it means to be human. Serena believes that psychedelics offer us the chance to expand our consciousness, awakening our emotional, spiritual and sexual sides.

On your first meeting, you’d be forgiven for thinking Serena is a shy girl. But her quiet personality and petite frame hide a sexual energy that will take your breath away.

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