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Alex is a 20 year old Native American/ Latina who wants to be a fashion designer one day, and fashion school isn't cheap. So to help her pay bills, she is exploring her options in the porn industry. First stop: Exploit... errr....ExCoGi. You're the judge if she has what it takes to continue in this biz. Alex' first foray into the porn industry starts out harmless enough with a soapy shower. But she just looks too hot all soaped up and TC manages to talk our cutie into a BJ and even some pussy right there in the shower. That out of the way it's on to makeup, clothes, toy cleaning, and other behind-the-scenes stuff where we can see Alex' personality. Yes, she's nervous but she's also a very sexual young lady so this promises to be a lot of fun/ Besides her exotic and super sexy looks, Alex has another great thing going for her – she orgasms a LOT. How many times? That's for you to count. But let's say it starts when TC uses toys on her big pussy lips and clit, and continues in several positions he fucks her in. Some with dick+toy, some with his magic staph only. We replay her orgasms from all camera angles to make sure you don't miss any of her facial expressions (subtle!), vocalizations, or little body movements. This is one for the true orgasm connoisseurs. So you're usually not into handjobs. Well, neither are we. So when we saw that TC was getting Alex ready to make him cum with a mano job, we got anxious. But then – MAGIC! It turned into a surprisingly hot segment with an incredible cum shot. Seriously, you know the fountains at Bellagio in Vegas? TC cums like that here. It's incredible. It's hot. Even if you're not into handjobs, today you will be. Final words: Alex is a great, sexually intuitive girl who cums often and somehow coaxes one of the biggest cum fountains out of our cumlord TC yet. It's a great shoot with lots of hot positions, all filmed by 3 cameras at once so you don't miss a thing. However, we must apologize for the audio. It's summer time in the Southwest and very, very hot. The AC just has to be on for most of the sex fest. We filter out the air conditioner noise as best as we can in editing, but it's tough. So sometimes things just don't quite sound right. We're still experimenting with the audio options on the new cameras (don't you just LOVE the new strong colors and clarity with those? Amazing!), and audio editing software, but it won't ever be ideal until we can turn of the AC completely. Thanks for understanding!

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