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It's grandma's fault! Wait, we did that one already. But it's true, this is the second girl in Backroom Casting Couch history who is looking to make money in porn to help out nana. Working in retail just doesn't cut it. And a teen who's had “a lot of threesomes!” probably should be doing something other than slinging discount mumus at housewives. For being one of the most hesitant girls in a long time, Tia actually did very well. She was a constant almost-walkout, didn't want to strip, didn't want to masturbate, and then she tried to talk her way out of sucking cock, too. I make it very clear that we need to see all of this in order to create a proper demo tape for her. She reluctantly agrees and does everything we want – and then once Agent Jake whips out his dick, she's 100% game and can't stop telling him how nice his member is. I don't know what it is with that dude but his cock does something magical to these girls. You'll see what I mean when you watch Tia gobble him down like a damn pro 2 minutes after she was about to run out of the office. Incredible eye contact, too. Seriously one of the best BJs we've seen here. After getting fucked on the desk and on the couch, Agent Jake unleashes a massive facial over Tia's face. It's so much cum, the poor girl actually gags and almost throws up. It's a lot of cum for such a young girl. I ask that you do NOT post in the comments about how you a) prefer creampies, or b) facials are better anyways. It just leads to constant back and forth that has gotten really, REALLY annoying. If this doesn't stop and all some of you guys talk about is creampies vs facials, then we might as well shut down the comments section.

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